The terrorism timeline consists of multiple stages. Each stage possesses vulnerabilities that can be used to disrupt a planned attack. Due to the large diversity in precursors, there is no universal approach yet that can be taken to keep a terrorist from using them to make explosives.

INHERIT proposes to develop a multi-disciplined approach to intervene across multiple stages of the terrorism timeline. INHERIT has assembled a multi-faceted team with experience of all aspects of four important steps in this timeline. With a focus on explosive precursor chemicals, the team will work to develop technologies directed towards thwarting the ability of terrorists to exploit these materials for production of explosives. Methodologies to render chemicals inert, more readily detectable and capable of yielding greater forensic value will all be pursued. Collaboration between the diverse teams developing these interventions will ensure a coordinated holistic approach across all threat materials identified. This holistic approach will also be applicable in the struggle against emerging and future Home Made Explosive (HME) threats.

The knowledge and insight resulting from INHERIT testing and analysis will be fed to targeted authorities, legislators, and organisations through a dissemination process which will include meetings, workshops and conferences conducted at appropriate security levels.


INHERIT objectives are:

1. To disrupt or prevent the production of HMEs
2. To disrupt or prevent the use of HMEs by markers and their detection
3. To tie a perpetrator to the crime by forensics, where the crime is in the preparatory phase
4. To assess the countermeasures and further exploit the results